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Consintiendo a tu Perruño

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Pampering Your Pooch
Autor: Jason R. Rich
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 192
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2006
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 0470009225

1 Dog Food
2 Treats and Biscuits
3 Canine Couture.
4 Collars, Tags, and Leashes
5 Dog Beds.
6 Toys and Activities
8 Carriers and Crates.
7 Accessories for Pets and People.
9 Health Insurance
10 Dog Massage and Pet Psychics
11 Bathing and Grooming
12 Training, Doggy Daycare, and Resorts
13 Traveling with Your Dog

Pampering Your Pooch

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