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Vida: La Ciencia de la Biología

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Life: The Science of Biology
Autor: William K. Purves, David Sadava, Gordon H. Orians, H. Craig Heller
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 1121
Materia: Biología
Año: 2003
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 0716798565


1. An Evolutionary Framework for Biology
2. Life and Chemistry: Small Molecules
3. Life and Chemistry: Large Molecules
4. Cells: The Basic Units of Life
5. Cellular Membranes
6. Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism
7. Cellular Pathways that Harvest Chemical Energy
8. Photosynthesis: Energy from the Sun
9. Chromosomes, the Cell Cycle, and Cell Division
10. Genetics: Mendel and Beyond
11. DNA and Its Role in Heredity
12. From DNA to Protein: Genotype to Phenotype
13. The Genetics of Viruses and Prokaryotes
14. The Eukaryotic Genome and Its Expression
15. Cell Signaling and Communication
16. Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology
17. Molecular Biology and Medicine
18. Natural Defenses against Disease
19. Differential Gene Expression
20. Animal Development: From Genes to Organism
21. Development and Evolutionary Change
22. The History of Life on Earth
23. The Mechanisms of Evolution
24. Species and Their Formation
25. Reconstructing and Using Phylogenies
26. Molecular and Genomic Evolution
27. Bacteria and Archaea: The Prokaryotic Domains
28. Protists and the Dawn of the Eukarya
29. Plants without Seeds: From Sea to Land
30. The Evolution of Seed Plants
31. Fungi: Recyclers, Pathogens, Parasites, and Plant Partners
32. Animal Origins and the Evolution of Body Plans
33. Ecdysozoans: The Molting Animals
34. Deuterostomate Animals
35. The Plant Body
36. Transport in Plants
37. Plant Nutrition
38. Regulation of Plant Growth
39. Reproduction in Flowering Plants
40. Plant Responses to Environmental Challenges
41. Physiology,Homeostasis, and Temperature Regulation
42. Animal Hormones
43. Animal Reproduction
44. Neurons and Nervous Systems
45. Sensory Systems
46. The Mammalian Nervous System
47. Effectors: Making Animals Move
48. Gas Exchange in Animals
49. Circulatory Systems
50. Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption
51. Salt and Water Balance and Nitrogen Excretion
52. Animal Behavior
53. Behavioral Ecology
54. Population Ecology
55. Communities and Ecosystems
56. Biogeography
57. Conservation Biology
58. Earth System Science

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