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Manual de Preservación de Alimentos

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Handbook of Food Preservation
Autor: M. Shafiur Rahman
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 1088
Materia: Salud Pública
Año: 2007
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 1-57444-606-1


Part I Preservation of Fresh Food Products
. Food Preservation: Overview
. Postharvest Physiology of Fruit and Vegetables
. Postharvest Handling and Treatments of Fruits and Vegetables
. Postharvest Handling of Grains and Pulses
. Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
. Postharvest Handling and Preservation of Fresh Fish and Seafood
. Postharvest Handling of Red Meat
. Postharvest Handling of Milk
Part II Preservation Using Chemicals and Microbes
. Fermentation as a Method for Food Preservation
. Natural Antimicrobials for Food Preservation
. Antioxidants in Food Preservation
. pH in Food Preservation
. Nitrites in Food Preservation
Part III Preservation by Controlling Water, Structure and Atmosphere
. Modified-Atmosphere Packaging of Produce
. Glass Transition and State Diagram of Foods
. Food Preservation and Processing Using Membranes
. Stickiness and Caking in Food Preservation
. Drying and Food Preservation
. Osmotic Dehydration of Foods
. Water Activity and Food Preservation
. Surface Treatments and Edible Coatings in Food Preservation
. Encapsulation, Stabilization, and Controlled Release of Food Ingredients and Bioactives
Part IV Preservation Using Heat and Energy
. Pasteurization and Food Preservation
. Canning and Sterilization of Foods
. Cooking and Frying of Foods
. Food Preservation by Freezing
. Freezing–Melting Process in Liquid Food Concentration
. Microwave Pasteurization and Sterilization of Foods
. Ultrasound in Food Processing and Preservation
. Food Preservation Aspects of Ohmic Heating
. Light Energy in Food Preservation
. Irradiation Preservation of Foods
. Pulsed Electric Fields in Food Preservation
. High-Pressure Treatment in Food Preservation
. Applications of Magnetic Field in Food Preservation
. Combined Methods for Food Preservation
. Update on Hurdle Technology for Mild and Effective Preservation of Foods
Part V Enhancing Food Preservation by Indirect Approach
. Packaging as a Preservation Technique
. Types of Packaging Materials Used for Foods
. Food Packaging Interaction
. Hygienic Design and Sanitation
. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
. Commercial Considerations: Managing Profit and Quality

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