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Manual de Manejo de Heridas en el Equino

Publicado por Maverick Panditas

Handbook of Equine Wound Management

Autor: Derek Knottenbelt
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 138
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2003
ISBN-10: 070202693X
ISBN-13: 978-0702026935

Part 1: Introduction
General Principles Of Wound Healing
Factors Which May Delay Healing
Types Of Wound
Wound Lavage
Debridement Of The Wound
Part 2: Management Of Simple Incised Wounds
General Advice to the Owner
Suture Patterns For Skin Wound Repair
Part 3: Management Of Complicated Wounds In Horses
Special Bandaging Problems For Difficult Sites
The Head:
The Body Trunk
The Upper Hind Limb Region
The Hock
The Knee
The Hoof
General Advice To Owner:
General Principles Of Wound Management:
Management Of Exuberant Granulation Tissue
Skin Grafting:
Split Thickness Graft
Full Thickness Grafts
Facilitation Of Wound Contraction
Stimulation Of Epithelialisation
Inhibition Of Excess Granulation Tissue
Control Of Wound Infection And Inflammation
Graft Take
Causes Of Graft Failure
Wound Preparation And Timing Of Grafting
Preparation Of The Recipient Site
Pedicle Grafts
Free Grafts
Free Full-Thickness Grafts
Split-Thickness Grafts
Mesh Grafts
Tunnel Grafts
Pinch Grafting
Part 4: Management of Specific Wound Types
Eyelid Injuries/Eye Injuries
Wounds Involving Muscle Damage
Wound With Exposed Bone
Wounds Complicated By Fractures
Wounds Involving The Mouth / Tongue & Jaws
Wounds Involving Nerve Damage
Wounds Involving Tendons And Sheath
Wound Involving Open Joints
Wounds Involving Hoof Capsule & Coronary Band
Wounds Involving Cranial Damage
Wounds Involving Open Body Cavities
Wounds Involving Major Blood Vessels
Wounds Involving Ducts And Reproductive Organs

Handbook of Equine Wound Management

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