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La Vida de los Elefantes

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The Living Elephants

Autor: Raman Sukumar
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 495
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2003
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 0195107780
ISBN-13: 978-0195107784


1 Moeritheres, Mastodonts, and Mammoths Elephant Evolution in Action
2 Elephants, Gods, and People The Interrelationship of Culture and Ecology
3 Bulls, Musth, and Cows The Elephantine Mating Game
4 Mothers, Children, and Aunts The Social Life of Elephant Families
5 Bamboos, Bark, and Bananas The Diet of a Megaherbivore
6 Forests, Fires, and Grasslands The Impact of Elephants on Their Habitats
7 Birth, Death, and Chance The Dynamics of Elephant Populations
8 Coconuts, Corn, and Carvings The Conflict between Elephants and People
9 Science, Politics, and Pragmatism Conserving the Elephant Populations
Appendix 1: Status and Distribution of Elephants
Appendix 2: Statural Growth in Elephants

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