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Inmunología Aviar

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Avian Immunology
Autor: Fred Davison, Bernd Kaspers, Karel A. Schat
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 495
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2008
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 978-0-12-370634-8


The Importance of the Avian Immune System and its Unique Features
Structure of the Avian Lymphoid System
Development of the Avian Immune System
B Cells, the Bursa of Fabricius and the Generation of Antibody Repertoires
Avian T Cells: Antigen Recognition and Lineages
Structure and Evolution of Avian Immunoglobulins
Avian Innate Immune Responses
The Avian MHC
Avian Antigen Presenting Cells
Avian Cytokines and Chemokines
Immunogenetics and Mapping Immunological Functions
The Avian Mucosal Immune System
The Avian Enteric Immune System in Health and Disease
The Avian Respiratory Immune System
The Avian Reproductive Immune System
Avian Immunosuppressive Diseases and Immune Evasion
Factors Modulating the Avian Immune System
Autoimmune Diseases of Poultry
Tumours of the Avian Immune System
Practical Aspects of Poultry Vaccination
Comparative Immunology of Agricultural Birds
Appendix 1: Genetic Stocks for Immunological Research
Appendix 2: Resources Available for Studying Avian Immunology

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