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Medicina Bovina: Enfermedades y Conservación del Ganado

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Bovine Medicine: Diseases and Husbandry of Cattle
Autor: A. H. Andrews, R. W. Blowey, H. Boyd, R. G. Eddy
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 1232
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2004
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 0632055960


1 Calf Rearing
2 Suckler Herds
3 Beef Finishing Systems
4 Dairy Farming
5 Heifer Rearing – Weeks to Calving
6 Tropical Cattle Management
7 Ethnoveterinary Medicine in the Tropics
8 Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
9 Nutrition
10 Alternative Forages
11 Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis in the Cow
The Calf
12 Outline of Clinical Genetics
13 Congenital Conditions
14 Calf Diarrhoea
15 Salmonellosis
16 Digestive Disorders of Calves
17 Calf Respiratory Disease
18 Other Calf Problems
Growing Cattle
19 Endoparasites
20 Respiratory Diseases
21 Trace Element Disorders
Adult Cattle
Mastitis and Teat Conditions
22 Anatomy, Physiology and Immunology of the Udder
23 Mastitis
24 Summer Mastitis
25 Bulk Milk Testing and Mastitis Monitoring
26 The Milking Machine
27 Skin Infections of the Bovine Teat and Udder and Their Differential Diagnosis
28 Factors Affecting Milk Quality
29 The Enhancement of Bovine Mammary Gland Immunity Through Vaccination
30 Antimicrobial Therapy of Mastitis
31 Lameness in the Foot
32 Lameness Above the Foot
33 Reproductive Physiology in Cattle
34 The Postpartum Period
35 Problems Associated with Oestrous
36 Failure to Conceive and Embryonic Loss
37 Fetal Loss
38 Bull Infertility
39 Artificial Insemination and Diseases Transmitted by Semen
40 Embryo Transfer
41 Herd Fertility Management
(a) Beef herds
(b) Dairy herds
42 Pharmacological Manipulation of Reproduction
Major Infectious Diseases
43 Viral Diseases
(a) Bluetongue
(b) Enzootic bovine leukosis
(c) Foot-and-mouth disease
(d) Rinderpest
(e) Vesicular stomatitis
(f) Bovine immunodeficiency virus
44 Bacterial Conditions
45 Ectoparasites, Tick and Arthropod-borne Diseases
Metabolic Problems
46 Major Metabolic Disorders
47 Metabolic Profiles
System and Miscellaneous Conditions
48 Alimentary Conditions
49 Respiratory Conditions
50 Skin Conditions
51 Neurological Disorders
52 Ocular Diseases
53 Other Conditions
54 Major Poisonings
55 Welfare
Therapy and Disease Prevention
56 Health, Housing and Hygiene
57 Biosecurity
58 Immunological Fundamentals
59 Vaccines and Vaccination of Cattle
60 Antiparasitics
61 Antimicrobial Agents
62 Inflammation and Pain
63 Growth Promoters in Cattle
64 Injection Damage
65 Alternative Medicine
66 Aspects of Bovine Surgery
The Interaction of the Animal, Environment and Management
67 Stress and the Pathogenesis of Disease
Global Variation in Cattle Practice
68 Diseases Related to Management in Europe
69 Cattle Disease in Africa
70 Rabies
71 Dairy Farming in Saudi Arabia
72 Bovine Medicine in New Zealand and Australia
73 North American Dairy Production and Veterinary Involvement
74 The North American Beef Industry