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Manual de Composición de la Leche

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Handbook of Milk Composition

Autor: Robert G. Jensen, Marvin P. Thompson
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 947
Materia: Salud Pública
Año: 1995
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 0123844304
ISBN-13: 978-0123844309


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2. The Structure of Milk: Implications for Sampling and Storage
A. The Milk Lipid Globule Membrane
B Particulate Constituents in Human and Bovine Milks
C. Sampling and Storage of Human Milk
D. Sampling and Storage of Bovine Milk
E. The Physical Properties of Human and Bovine Milks
Chapter 3 Determinants of Milk Volume and Composition
A. Lactogenesis in Women: A Cascade of Events Revealed by Milk Composition
B. Volume and Caloric Density of Human Milk
C. Volume and Caloric Density of Bovine Milk
D. Regional Variations in the Composition of Human Milk
E. Effects of Gestational Stage at Delivery on Human Milk Components
F. Miscellaneous Factors Affecting Composition and Volume of Human and Bovine Milks
Chapter 4. Carbohydrates in Milks: Analysis. Quantities, and Significance
Chapter & Nitrogenous Components of Milk
A. Human Milk Proteins
B. Nonprotein Nitrogen Fractions of Human Milk
C. Enzymes in Human Milk
D Hormones and Growth Factors in Human Milk
E. Nucleotides and Related Compounds in Human and Bovine Milks
F. Protein and Amino Acid Composition of Bovine Milk
G. Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds in Bovine Milk
H. Enzymes Indigenous to Bovine Milk
I. Hormones and Growth Factors in Bovine Milk
Chapter 6. Milk Lipids A. Human Milk Lipids
A. Human Milk Lipids
B. Bovine Milk Lipids
Chapter 7. Minerals. Ions, and Trace Elements in Milk
A. Ionic Interactions in Milk
B. Major Minerals and Ionic Constitutents of Human and Bovine Milks
C. Microminerals in Human and Animal Milks
Chapter 8. Vitamins in Milk
A. Water-Soluble Vitamins in Human Milk
B. Water-Soluble Vitamins in Bovine Milk
C. Carotenoids, Retinoids. and Vitamin K in Human Milk
D. Vitamins D and E in Human Milk
E. Fat-Soluble Vitamins in Bovine Milk
Chapter 9. Defense Agents in Milk
A. Defense Agents in Human Milk
B. Defense Agents in Bovine Milk
Chapter 10. Comparative Analysis of Nonhuman Milks
A. Phylogenetic Variation in :the Gross Composition of Milks
B. Phylogenetic and Ecological Variation in the Fatty Acid Composition of Milks
C. Comparative Analysis of Milks Used for Human Consumption
D. Infant Formulas
Chapter 11. Contaminants in Milk
A. Drugs and Contaminants in Human Milk
B. Contaminants in Bovine Milk