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Clinical Techniques in Small Animals (1997)

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Clinical Techniques in Small Animals (1997)

Artículos/revisions de pago que tartan diferentes enfermedades y trastornos en la clínica práctica de animales menores. El archivo está comprimido en formato "7z". Hasta donde conozco lo pueden abrir con PowerArchiver y Winzip. En cualquier otro caso en internet pueden encontrar varios programas más que soportan dicho formato de compresión.

Que lo disfruten. A leer!!


Pain and ideology in human and veterinary medicine
Through a glass darkly: Using behavior to assess pain
Recent advances in our understanding of pain How should they affect management
Principles of analgesic drug therapy
Local and regional anesthesia and analgesia
Management of acute and surgical pain
Management of pain in the critically III patient
Chronic pain Osteoarthritis and cancer
Narcotic regulation in the United States Taking the pain out of analgesic therapy
Appendix Drug dosage recommendations
Immunosuppression: An overview
Glucocorticosteroids as immunosuppressive agents
The use of cytotoxic agents in the treatment of immune mediated diseases of dogs and cats
Cyclosporine and tacrolimus
The use of danazol in the therapy of immune mediated disease of dogs
Therapeutic plasmapheresis
Human intravenous immunoglobulin therapy
Immunotherapy and cytokines
Genetic immunotherapy for cancer
Vaccine adjuvants
Nutritional modification of inflammatory diseases
Physiology of the endocrine pancreas
Biochemical and physiological manifestations of acute insulin withdrawal
Currently available insulin preparations for use in the dog and cat
Diabetic ketoacidosis
Management of the uncomplicated canine diabetic
Oral hypoglycemic agents for noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus in the cat
Complications and concurrent disease associated with diabetes mellitus
Transplantation for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Diagnosis and treatment of gastrinoma

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