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Toxemia en la Preñez: Humana y Veterinaria

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Toxemias of Pregnancy, Human and Veterinary
Autor: John Hammond, F. J. Browne, G. E. W. Wolstenholme
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 306
Materia: Biología, Veterinaria
Año: 1950
Formato: PDF
ISBN: ---


Physiology of pregnancy
Pathological lesions in the hypertensive toxemias of pregnancy
The toxemias of pregnancy in women
Aetiology of preeclampsia-eclampsia
The effect of intravenous injections of sodium chloride and lactate In pre-eclamptic patients
Toxemias of pregnancy in the domestic animals, with particular reference to the sheep
Experimental ketosis in pregnant ewes
The influence of the level of calcium in the diet of the rat during pregnancy and lactation"
Neonatal ataxia of lambs
Observations on and treatment of clinical acetonemia in cattle
Biochemical aspects of bovine parturient hypocalcemia
The human placenta in toxemia of pregnancy
Studies in the circulation of normal and abnormal pregnancy
Oxygen arteriovenous difference and right auricular pressure during labour
Forearm and hand blood flow in pregnancy
Studies In the problems of circulation in pregnancy
Circulation in pregnancy
Thromboplastin complications of late pregnancy
Ischemia of the gravid uterus as a probable factor in the causation of toxemia
Fetal malformations and toxemia
Relation of nutrition to hepatic disease and toxemias of pregnancy
Observations on the placental sex hormones in the toxemias of pregnancy
Endocrines and toxemias
Chorionic gonadotrophin in pre-eclampsia
The mono-amine oxidase activity of placenta
Histaminase in normal and pathological pregnancy
Histaminase in normal and pathological pregnancy
Summary from the veterinary standpoint
Summary from the medical standpoint
Summary from the obstetrical standpoint

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