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Salvando a las Aves Migratorias

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Saving Migrant Birds: Developing Strategies for the Future
Autor: John Faaborg
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 244
Materia: Biología
Año: 2002
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 0292725442


What Are Neotropical Migrants and Why Are We Concerned?
The Breeding Bird Survey: So Simple Yet So Complex
Is There Other Evidence for Large-Scale Population Declines?
Fragmentation Studies: Real Evidence of Local Declines
What Happens on Habitat Fragments?
Rethinking Avian Demography: Understanding Landscapes, Sources, Sinks, and Dispersal
Modern Management Guidelines for Breeding Migrant Birds
Migrant Wintering Ecology: Characteristics and Constraints
Population Limitation in Winter: Theory and Evidence
Migration Ecology: A Limiting Factor?
Migrant Birds in the New Millennium: What Do We Know?
Partners in Flight: How It Works and How You Can Help
Appendix: List of Migrants for Partners in Flight

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