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La Genética de la Fertilidad Masculina

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The Genetics of Male Fertility
Autor: Douglas T., Ed. Carrell
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 337
Materia: Biología
Año: 2004
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 1588298639


Part I: Methods and Tools for the Study of the Genetics of Male Infertility
The Genetics of Male Infertility in the Era of Genomics: Tools for Progress
The Use of cDNA Libraries to Demonstrate a Linkage between Transcription and Translation in Male Germ Cells
Considerations When Using Array Technologies for Male Factor Assessment
Microarray Analysis of a Large Number of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Individual Human Spermatozoa
Physiological and Proteomic Approaches to Understanding Human Sperm Function: Prefertilization Events
Genetics of Idiopathic Male Infertility: The Power of a Cross-Species Approach

Part II: Meiosis and Errors of Meiosis
The Immunocytogenetics of Human Male Meiosis: A Progress Report
The Clinical Relevance of Sperm Aneuploidy
DNA Repair Genes and Genomic Instability in Severe Male Factor Infertility

Part III: The Y Chromosome, Development, Spermatogenesis, and Sperm Maturation
Germ Cell-Specific Genes and Posttranscriptional Regulation in the Testis
The Genetics of Cryptorchidism
The Chromatoid Body and microRNA Pathways in Male Germ Cells
Sperm Maturation in the Epididymis: Role of Segment-Specific Microenvironments

Part IV: Clinical Applications of the Study of the Genetics of Male Infertility
The Structure of the Y Chromosome in Infertility
Y Chromosome Microdeletions and Haplotypes
The Genetics of Male Infertility: From Bench to Clinic
The Future of the Diagnosis of Male (In)Fertility
Polymorphisms and Male Infertility
The Genetics of Abnormal Protamine Expression
Chromatin Damage and Male Infertility
Clinical Evaluation of the Genetics of Male Infertility

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