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Factores que afectan la Producción de Terneros

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Factors Affecting Calf Crop: Biotechnology of Reproduction
Autor: Michael J. Fields, Robert S. Sand, Joel V. Yelich
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 320
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2001
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 0849311179


Developments in Reproductive Biotechnology that Will Improve the Weaned Calf Crop
Bovine Estrus Tools for Detection and Understanding
Use of Prostaglandin F2-alfa (PGF2-alfa) in Cattle Breeding
Estrous Synchronization of Cyclic and Anestrous Cows with Syncro-Mate-B®
Use of GnRH to Synchronize Estrus and/or Ovulation in Beef Cows with or without Timed Insemination
Current and Emerging Methods to Synchronize Estrus with Melengestrol Acetate (MGA)
A Vaginal Insert (CIDR) to Synchronize Estrus and Timed Al
Management of Follicular Growth with Progesterone and Estradiol within Progestin-Based Estrous Synchrony Systems
The Freezing Thawing and Transfer of Cattle Embryos
Application of Embryo Transfer to the Beef Cattle Industry
Embryo Transfer in Tropically Adapted Cattle in the Semitropics
In Vitro Fertilization to Improve Cattle Production
National Bovine Genomics Projects Present Status Future Directions and Why They Are Important
Genetic Technologies in Cow-CaIf Operations
Somatic Cell Cloning in the Beef Industry
Alternative Methods to Micromanipulation for Producing Transgenic Cattle
Cloning and the Beef Cattle Industry
Reproductive Real-Time Ultrasound Technology: An Application for Improving Calf Crop in Cattle Operations
Factors that Affect Embryonic Survival in the Cow: Application of Technology to Improve Calf Crop
Sexing Sperm for Beef and Dairy Cattle Breeding
New Developments in Managing the Bull

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Hola Maverick!
Soy Cecilia otra vez. Excelente libro, como siempre muchísimas gracias!!!

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holaaaaamuchas gracias por el libro genial el area de produccion bovina y todo lo relacionado me interesa mucho te agradesco el libro muchas graciassss

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