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Cabras de Montaña: Ecología, Comportamiento y Conservación

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Mountain Goats: Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of an Alpine Ungulate
Autor: Marco Festa-Bianchet, Steeve D. Côté
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 208
Materia: Veterinaria
Año: 2007
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 1597261718


Ecological Questions, Conservation Challenges, and Long-Term Research
The Study Area and the Goat Population
Caw Ridge Study Methods and Limitations
Home Ranges, Forage Availability, and Habitat Use
Social Organization
Body and Horn Growth
Individual Variability in Yearly and Lifetime Reproductive Success of Females
Female Reproductive Strategy
Survival and Dispersal
Density-Dependence and the Question of Population Regulation
Female Reproductive Strategy and Ungulate Population Dynamics
Management and Conservation of Mountain Goats
Long-Term Monitoring of Marked Individuals and Advances in Ecology and Conservation

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