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Cuando los Mapaches caen en tu Techo

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When Raccoons Fall Through Your Ceiling
The Handbook for Coexisting With Wildlife
Autor: Andrea Dawn Lopez
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 192
Materia: Veterinaria, Biología
Año: 2002
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 1574411543


Chapter 1: When Raccoons Fall through Your Ceiling
How to repel wildlife from your home and yard
Chapter 2: Myths about Baby Birds
What to do if you find a baby bird
Chapter 3: Growing the Deer-Resistant Garden
How to protect your foliage from hungry deer
Chapter 4: There's a Cardinal Knocking on My Window
How to discourage roosting and nesting birds
Chapter 5: Leave Bambi in the Forest
What to do if you find a fawn
Chapter 6: Lions and Tigers and Bears
Well, maybe not tigers! Tips for coexisting with major predators
Chapter 7: Ducklings in My Swimming Pool
How to make way for some common visitors
Chapter 8: Thumper, Flower, Meeko, and Who Knows What Else?
What to do if you find other baby animals
Chapter 9: If You Hate Mosquitoes, You'll Learn to Love Bats
How to humanely repel bats and even appreciate them
Chapter 10: There's a Snake Asleep in Our Jeep
How to create an environment that's unpleasant for snakes
Chapter 11: Wildlife First Aid and Rescue
How to contain, treat, and transport an injured wild animal

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