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Toxinas de Alimentos Marinos y de Agua Dulce

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Seafood and Freshwater Toxins

Autor: Luis M. Botana
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 1180
Materia: Veterinaria, Salud Pública
Año: 2008
Formato: PDF
ISBN: 0849374375


Part I General Considerations
Risk Assessment of Marine Toxins
Analysis of Marine Toxins—Techniques, Method Validation, Calibration Standards, and Screening Methods
Part II The Epidemiological Impact of Toxic Episodes
Epidemiological Impact of Diarrheic Toxins
Epidemiologic Impact of Toxic Episodes: Neurotoxic Toxins
Part III Diversity of Marine Toxins as Pharmacological Tools
Calcium Channels for Exocytosis: Functional Modulation with Toxins
The Mouse Bioassay as a Universal Detector
Part IV Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP)
Metabolism of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins Incorporated into Bivalves
Chemical Analysis
Paralytic Shellfish Toxins—Pharmacology, and Toxicology Biological Detection Methods
Part V Diarrheic Episodes: Phosphatase Inhibitors
Chemistry, Metabolism, and Chemical Analysis of Okadaic Acid Group Toxins
Pharmacology and Toxicology of Diarrheic Shellfish Toxins
Part VI Lipophyllic Toxins: Nonphosphatase Inhibitors
Planktonic Dinoflagellates That Contain Polyether Toxins of the Old “DSP Complex”
Part VIA Yessotoxins
Chemistry, Metabolism, and Chemical Analysis
Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action: Biological Detection
Toxicology of the Yessotoxins
Part VIB Pectenotoxins
Chemistry, Metabolism, and Chemical Detection Methods of Pectenotoxins
Pharmacology of Pectenotoxins
Toxicology of the Pectenotoxins
Part VII Domoic Acid Intoxication
Ecobiology of Amnesic Shellfish Toxin Producing Diatoms
Domoic Acid: Detection Methods, Pharmacology, and Toxicology
Part VIII Non-PSP Neurotoxic Episodes
Ecobiology of the Brevetoxin, Ciguatoxin, and Cyclic Imine Producers
Part VIIIA Ciguatera Toxins
Ciguatera Toxins: Chemistry, Toxicology, and Detection
Part VIIIB Maitotoxin
Maitotoxin: A Unique Pharmacological Tool for Elucidating Ca+-Dependent Mechanisms
Part VIIIC Brevetoxins
The Molecular and Integrative Basis to Brevetoxin Toxicity
Detection of Brevetoxins in the Twenty-First Century
Part VIIID Cyclic Imines
Cyclic Imine Toxins: Chemistry, Biogeography, Biosynthesis, and Pharmacology
Toxicology of Cyclic Imines: Gymnodimine, Spirolides, Pinnatoxins, Pteriatoxins, Prorocentrolide, Spiro-Prorocentrimine, and Symbioimines
Part VIIIE Polycavernosides and Gambierol
Polycavernosides and Gambierol: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Detection
Part IX Palytoxin, Ostreocin, Ovatatoxin
Palytoxin and Analogues: Ecobiology and Origin, Chemistry, Metabolism, and Chemical Analysis
Diverse Chemical Structures and Bioactivities of Marine Toxin: Palytoxin and Symbiodinolide
Palytoxins: Pharmacology and Biological Detection Methods
Occurrence and Toxicology of Palytoxins
Part X Pfiesteria Toxins
A Decade of Research on Pfiesteria Spp and Their Toxins: Unresolved Questions and an Alternative Hypothesis
Part XI Azaspiracids
Pharmacology and Epidemiological Impact of Azaspiracids
Azaspiracids: Chemistry, Bioconversion, and Determination
Toxicology of Azaspiracid-: Acute and Chronic Poisoning, Tumorigenicity and Chemical Structure Relationship to Toxicity in a Mouse Model
Part XII Cyanobacterial Toxins
Cyanobacterial Toxins in Aquaculture
Part XIIA Neurotoxins
Cyanobacterial Neurotoxins, Anatoxin-A and Analogues: Detection and Analysis
Part XIIB Hepatotoxins
Cyanobacterial Hepatotoxins: Chemistry, Biosynthesis, and Occurrence
Hepatotoxins: Context and Chemical Determination
Part XIII Toxins as a Starting Point to Drugs
Marine Neurotoxins as a Starting Point to Drugs
Part XIV Legal and Economic Views
Incidence of Marine Toxins on Industrial Activity
Toxin Monitoring Programs and Regulatory View

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