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Medición y Revisión de la Salud del Pollo de Brasa

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Measuring and Auditing Broiler Welfare

Autor: C. A. Weeks, A. Butterworth
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 325
Materia: Veterinaria, Salud Pública
Año: 2004
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 0851998054
ISBN-13: 978-0851998053

Part 1: Outcomes (Animal-based)
Measuring and Auditing the Welfare of Broiler Breeders
Pododermatitis and Hock Burn in Broiler Chickens
Evaluating the Impact of Metabolic Disorders on the Welfare of Broilers
Infectious Disease: Morbidity and Mortality
Abnormal Behaviour and Fear
Part 2: Inputs (Resource-based)
The Significance of Biosecurity to Broiler Welfare
Air Hygiene
Stocking Density
Transport and Handling
Primary Processing of Poultry
Part 3: Welfare and Auditing Issues
Comparing Welfare in Different Systems
Human Factors Influencing Broiler Welfare
Auditing Systems: Are We Effective?
Is UK Farm Assurance Delivering Good Welfare?
Using Welfare Outcomes to Control Intensification: the Swedish Model
Developing and Implementing a Welfare Audit in the
Australian Chicken Meat Industry
Does Broiler Welfare Matter, and to Whom?
Public Attitudes and Expectations
A Global Perspective on Broiler Welfare Standards
Measuring Broiler Chicken Behaviour and Welfare: Prospects for Automation
Part 4: Poster Papers

Measuring and Auditing Broiler Welfare

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