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Enciclopedia de Ciencia Animal

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Encyclopedia of Animal Science

Autor: Wilson G. Pond, Alan W. Bell
Idioma: Inglés
Número de páginas: 965
Materia: Zoología, Producción, Biología
Año: 2004
Formato: PDF
ISBN-10: 0824754964
ISBN-13: 978-0824754969


Adaptation and Stress: Animal State of Being
Adaptation and Stress: Neuroendocrine, Physiological, and Behavioral Responses
Amino Acids: Metabolism and Functions
Angora Goats: Production and Management
Animal Agriculture and Social Ethics for Animals
Animal By-Products: Biological and Industrial Products
Animal Genotype Environment Interactions
Animal Handling-Behavior
Animal Health: Diagnostics
Animal Source Food: Nutritional Value
Animal Source Food: Quality and Safety-Meat and Poultry
Animal Source Food: Quality and Safety-Milk and Eggs
Antibiotics: Microbial Resistance
Antibiotics: Subtherapeutic Levels
Antimicrobial Use in Food Animals: Potential Alternatives
Aquaculture: Production, Processing, Marketing
Aquatic Animals: Crustaceans (Marine Shrimp)
Aquatic Animals: Crustaceans (Minor)
Aquatic Animals: Fishes-Major
Aquatic Animals: Fishes-Minor
Aquatic Animals: Molluscs
Beef: Carcass Composition and Quality
Beef Cattle: Behavior Management and Well-Being
Beef Cattle: Breeds and Genetics
Beef Cattle: Housing
Beef Cattle Management: Crossbreeding
Beef Cattle Management: Extensive
Beef Cattle Management: Intensive
Beef Cattle: Manure Management
Beef Cattle: Marketing
Beef Cattle: Nutritional Management
Beef Cattle: Reproduction Management
Beef: Inspection, Processing, and Marketing
Beef: Wholesale and Retail
Behavior: Aberrant
Behavior: Feeding
Behavior: Maternal
Behavior: Reproductive
Beta Adrenergic Agonists
Bioavailability: Amino Acids
Bioavailability: Energy
Bioavailability: Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Bioavailability: Mineral Elements
Bioavailability: Water-Soluble Vitamins
Biodiversity: Germplasm Banks
Biodiversity: Grazing Management
Biotechnology: Artificial Insemination
Biotechnology: Cloning Animals
Biotechnology: Embryo Technology for Cattle
Biotechnology: Genetically Modified Feeds
Biotechnology: Sexing Sperm
Biotechnology: Stem Cell and Germ Cell Technology
Biotechnology: Transgenic Animals
Biotechnology: Xenotransplantation
Body Composition: Breed and Species Effects
Body Composition: Chemical Analysis
Body Composition: Genetic Influence
Body Composition: Indirect Measurement
Body Composition: Linear Dimensions
Body Composition: Nutritional Influence
Body Composition: Technical Options for Change
By-Product Feeds: Animal Origin
By-Product Feeds: Plant Origin
Carcass Composition and Quality: Genetic Influence
Carcass Composition and Quality: Postmortem
Channel Catfish
Chickens: Behavior Management and Well-Being
Chickens: Broiler Housing
Chickens: Broiler Nutrition Management
Chickens: Broiler Reproduction Management
Chickens: Layer Health Management
Chickens: Layer Housing
Chickens: Layer Nutrition Management
Chickens: Layer Reproduction Management
Competition for Land Use: Agricultural/Urban Interface
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Contributions to Society: Biomedical Research Models
Contributions to Society: Companions and Pleasure
Contributions to Society: Conversion of Feed to Food
Contributions to Society: Draft and Transport
Contributions to Society: Improved Animal Source Foods
Contributions to Society: Manure-Fertilizer/Fuel, Developed Countries
Contributions to Society: Slaughter By-Products
Crop Residues: Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle: Behavior Management and State of Being
Dairy Cattle: Breeding and Genetics
Dairy Cattle: Health Management
Dairy Cattle: Nutrition Management
Dairy Cattle: Reproduction Management
Dairy Cattle: Waste Management
Deer and Elk
Digesta Processing and Fermentation
Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
Disease Resistance: Genetics
Diseases: Metabolic Disorders of Ruminants
Domestication of Animals
Ducks: Health Management
Ducks: Nutrition Management
Ecology and Environment: Issues
Egg Products: Industrial Egg Products
Egg Products: Retail, Catering and Food Service Products
Eggs: Composition and Structure
Eggs: Composition and Structure
Eggs: Marketing
Eggs: Pricing
Eggs: Processing, Inspection, and Grading
Eggs: Shell Egg Products
Embryo Transfer in Farm Animals
Environment: Accommodations for Animals
Environment: Effects on Animal Health
Environmental Pollutants
Estrous Cycle: Cattle, Sheep, Goat
Estrous Cycle: Mare, Sow
Estrus Synchronization: Cattle
Estrus Synchronization: Horses, Pigs, Sheep, and Goats
Ethanol Byproducts: Dairy
Farm Animal Welfare: Economic Policies
Farm Animal Welfare: Philosophical Aspects
Feed Quality: External Flow Markers
Feed Quality: Natural Plant Markers-Alkanes
Feed Quality: Natural Plant Markers-Indigestible Fiber
Feed Supplements: Antibiotics
Feed Supplements: Crystalline Vitamins
Feed Supplements: Enzymes, Probiotics, Yeasts
Feed Supplements: Mineral Salts
Feed Toxicants
Feedstuffs: High-Energy Sources
Feedstuffs: Nonconventional Energy Sources
Feedstuffs: Protein Sources
Female Reproduction: Anatomy and Physiology
Female Reproduction: Endocrine System
Female Reproduction: Maternal-Fetal Relationship
Fiber-Producing Animals
Forage-Animal Interface: Grazing Behavior and Nutrient Intake
Forages: Grasses
Forages: Legumes
Forages: Shrubs and Forbs
Functional Amino Acids in Animal Production
Functional Food Components in Animal Source Foods: Eggs from Chickens
Fur and Mink
Future of Animal Agriculture: Demand for Animal Products
Future of Animal Agriculture: Market Strategies
Future of Animal Agriculture: Urban/Rural Agriculture Ecosystems
Gene Action, Types of
Gene Mapping
Genetics: Mendelian
Genetics: Molecular
Genetics: Population
Genetics: Quantitative
GI Tract: Anatomical and Functional Comparisons
GI Tract: Animal/Microbial Symbiosis
Goat Meat: Carcass Composition/Quality
Goat Milk: Composition, Characteristics
Goat Milk Products: Quality, Composition, Processing, Marketing
Goats: Behavior, Stress, and Management
Goats: Breeding and Genetics
Goats: Breeds
Goats: Health Management
Goats: Nutrition Management
Grazing Practices, Soil Conservation
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Production Systems
Growth and Development: Avian Embryos
Growth and Development: Cell Differentiation
Growth and Development: Mammalian Fetus
Growth and Development: Peri-Implantation Embryo
Growth and Development: Postnatal
Growth and Development: Pre-Implantation Embryo
Hormones: Anabolic Agents
Hormones: Protein
Hormones: Steroid
Horse: Nutrition Management
Horses: Behavior Management and Well-Being
Horses: Breeds/Breeding/Genetics
Horses: Reproduction Management
Immune System: Nutrition Effects
Immune System: Stress Effects
Immunity: Acquired
Immunity: Innate
International Animal Germplasm Exchange
Lactation, Land Mammals, Species Comparisons
Lactation, Marine Mammals, Species Comparisons
Lamb: Carcass Composition and Quality
Lamb: International Marketing
Lamb: U.S. Marketing
Livestock Breeds
Lower Digestive Tract Microbiology
Male Reproduction: Physiological Comparisons
Mammals: Carnivores
Mammals: Nonruminant Herbivores
Mammals: Omnivores
Mammals: Ruminants
Mammary Glands: Developmental Changes
Mammary Glands: Hormonal Regulation
Manure Nutrient Management: Genetically Changing Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiology
Mathematical Models: Metabolism
Mathematical Models: Population Dynamics
Mathematical Models: Production Systems
Mating Systems
Meat Quality Improvement: Application of Hydrodynamic Pressure Processing
Meat Quality in Carcasses: Visual Appraisal
Meat Quality in Cattle: Live Evaluation
Milk Composition, Species Comparisons
Milk Synthesis
Milk Yield Differences
Mineral Elements: Macro
Mineral Elements: Micro (Trace)
Mitosis and Meiosis
Mohair: Biology and Characteristics
Mohair: Production and Marketing
Molecular Biology: Animal
Molecular Biology: Microbial
Myostatin: Physiology and Applications
Natural Zeolites: Applications in Animal Agriculture
Nutrient Management: Diet Modification
Nutrient Management: Water Quality/Use
Nutrient Requirements: Carnivores
Nutrient Requirements: Nonruminant Herbivores
Nutrient Requirements: Omnivores
Nutrient Requirements: Omnivores-Poultry and Swine
Nutrient Requirements: Ruminants
Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids
Ontogeny: Adipose Tissue
Ontogeny: Muscle
Ontogeny: Skeleton
Overall Contributions of Domestic Animals to Society
Parasite and Nutrition Interaction: Impact of Nutrition
Parasite and Nutrition Interaction: Impact of Parasite Infection
Pathogens in Animal Products: Major Biological Hazards
Pathogens in Animal Products: Sources and Control
Physiology of Lactation
Placenta: Development
Placenta: Functions
Placenta: Types
Policy Issues: Local/State Land Use Regulation
Policy Issues: Rural/Urban Community Effects
Pork: Carcass Composition and Quality
Pork: Inspection/Processing/Marketing
Poultry Genetics and Breeding
Poultry Meat: Carcass Composition and Characteristics
Poultry Meat: Inspection/Grading
Poultry Meat: Processing
Poultry Production: Manure and Wastewater Management
Pregnancy: Maternal Response
Pregnancy: Recognition/Signaling
Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL)
Ratites: Biology, Housing, and Management
Ratites: Nutrition Management
Regulation and Role of Leptin: Pigs
Regulation and Role of Leptin: Poultry
Regulation and Role of Leptin: Ruminants
Religious Foods: Jewish and Muslim Laws for Animal Slaughter/Welfare
Rumen Microbiology
Selection: Marker Assisted
Selection: Traditional Methods
Sheep: Breeding/Genetics-Improving Meat Production
Sheep: Health Management
Sheep Milk and Milk Production: Processing and Marketing
Sheep Milk and Milk Products: Composition
Sheep: Nutrition Management
Sheep Reproduction: Accelerated Lambing Systems
Sheep: Reproduction Management
Sperm Capacitation
Spermatogenesis, Sperm Transport, and Semen
Swine: Behavior Management and Well-Being
Swine: Breeding and Genetics
Swine: Health Management
Swine Management Systems: Intensive
Swine: Product Marketing
Swine: Reproductive Management
Swine: Waste Management
Transgenic Animals: Improved Performance
Transgenic Animals: Modifying the Mitochondrial Genome
Transgenic Animals: Secreted Products
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies: Biology and Disease
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies: Detection and Diagnosis
Turkeys: Behavior, Management, and Well-Being
Turkeys: Nutrition Management
Ultrasound Technology: Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation
Vegetation Management by Grazing Livestock
Vitamin E-Selenium and Their Interrelationship
Vitamins-Fat Soluble
Vitamins-Water Soluble: Biotin, Choline, Niacin, and Ascorbic Acid
Vitamins-Water Soluble: Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, and B12
Vitamins-Water Soluble: Thiamin, Riboflavin, and B6
Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo: Reproduction Management
Well-Being and Handling
Well-Being Assessment: Behavioral Indicators
Well-Being Assessment: Concepts and Definitions
Well-Being Assessment: Physiological Criteria
Wool: Biology and Production
Wool: Skirting, Classing, and Marketing
Xenotransplantation: Biological Barrier
Zoo Animals

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